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Steps to Apply for Immigration through Express Entry

  •  How to register for express entry step by step

How to register for express entry step by step 2023

 1 You must have more than about 495 points, which may increase or decrease depending on the number of participants in the program for the same period. Calculate your points on the following link;

 2 Preliminary knowledge of your certificate in order to make it easier for you to open the profile by clicking on the link

 3 Pay the certificate of equivalency for your certificates or EDE {cost about 230 Canadian dollars} at the following office, which is approved by Canadian immigration services and the response is prompt. Submit your file for verification: 

 4 Passing the language tests TEF or IELTS You must get B2 for French or 6 point for English. If both languages ​​can be passed, THE number of points will be added to your profile.

 5 Knowing your CNP or NOC for the profession in which you work in Canada

  • What is CNP ??

CNP = Classification of National Professions
A_CNP is every profession or every specialty in Canada that has a number that symbolizes it. For example, a CNP computer engineer, whose code is 21311, and so on, each specialty has its own code, such as a doctor, a carpenter, a cook, a professor, and other professions.
B _ CNP is required when you start immigration procedures to Canada through the Arrima or Entrée express programs.
C _ CNP is related to the profession, not the study. For example, you studied law but work as an administrative administrator, so you must search for the CNP of an administrative administrator, not the lawyer.
D_ When you find the CNP of the administrative administrator, you enter the tasks and see the profession that is closest to the tasks mentioned in the CNP of the administrative administrator, if it applies to your tasks at work, then you choose it.
To search and find your CNP please visit the following link:

 6 Open your profile, which is a fake profile just to find out how to register

 7 After the registration process, which is free, when you are invited to permanent residence, you must have a bank account in hard currency or its equivalent in dinars in order to prove to the immigration authorities that you are financially independent. The recommended amount to put for one to two weeks after receiving the invitation is 13300 Canadian dollars.

  8 After the invitation process, you will send your entire file electronically within 60 days, otherwise your file will be closed. The costs of studying the file will be paid {an estimated 550 Canadian dollars} + the costs of residency rights {an estimated 490 Canadian dollars}, after studying your file, which will be in less than From 6 months you will be invited to undergo medical examinations.

 9 The medical examinations must be carried out within 30 days from the date of receiving the invitation and be with a doctor accredited by the Canadian. Immigration Services, and the latter will send you a list of doctors approved by it and the costs you bear, about $ 180.

10 After completing the medical examinations, the accredited doctor will send your medical file to the immigration services - if your medical file is free of any serious illness, you will be invited to pay your passport to the Canadian Embassy in Paris via VFS GLOBAL.

11 The vfs will send your passport to the Canadian Embassy in Paris until a permanent residence visa is issued, and you have 5 months to come to Canada, otherwise your residence will be cancelled.


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