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"Study in Canada and Build a Promising Future: In-Demand Specializations and Job Opportunities"


  • Explain in detail how to obtain a study visa to Canada for foreign students 2023

   To immigrate to Canada by studying, you must apply for a study visa (or what is known as Permis d'étude, PE or Visa d'étude) through several stages.

The first stage

You register in a study program according to your level, in an educational institution (university, college or institute) by accessing the website of the institution you wish to enroll in, and choose the program that suits your specialization.

How to choose the course

High School lavel holders and tradesmen: You can choose the DEC, AEC or DEP program

For DEP: In order to be accepted, your level must be at least a first year in High School

For AEC and DEC: your educational level must be at least the third level in High School

Baccalaureate holders: The DEC program can be chosen at CEGEP

How to register in CEGEP

The file is paid at the academy level, not at the center level. In the case of a person this academy is SRACQ (each academy has a set of CEGEP) via the following link:

DEC program file:

  1. A certificate confirming the transition from the second year of High School school to the third year of High School.
  2. Points statements for the first and second years of High School and BEM points statement .
  3. Birth certificate in French .
  4. TCF .
  5. Photocopie passeport .
  6. Pay the order cost $85 .

Usually the response to the request is 3 months.

the 2nd step

After registering with the university, institute or collage and obtaining approval. If you choose a university, institute or college located in the province of Quebec, such as the University of Laval, which is located in the province of Quebec, you must request a CAQ.

And if you choose a university outside Quebec, such as Sainte Anne University, which is located in NOVA SCOTIA, in this case, a CAQ is not required.

third level

in this step you:

  • Pay the study visa file Permis d'étude.
  • Go to the website of the Canadian Ministry of Immigration and select Demande de visa d'étude en ligne.
  • Open an account in CléGC via the following link :

The most important questions asked to foreign students when entering Canada

  1. Why do you want to study this specialty and not others?
  2. Why did you choose to study in Canada?
  3. What will you gain from this study?
  4. What will you do at the end of the study?

How much money is enough for me to be able to study in Canada?

  Among the conditions for studying in Canada is the availability of the next person on the Permis d'étude on sufficient money, which is 18,000 dollars for a one-year study in Canada, with the cost of living.

How should this money be ?

  Every person who is about to study and has previously obtained a job position or owns wealth from his father, meaning that he owns money in the bank or a financial institution, in this case he must extract a relevé de banque for the previous six months, a work certificate, a salary certificate for the last four months, and finally Affiliation Casons .

No matter where the money is, whether in France, India or South Africa, the important thing is that the money is actually in the bank and is sufficient to cover the annual tuition fees of 18,000 dollars .

How many sponsors are required?

Legally there is no limited number of garant, but in practice and experience it is better not to exceed 3 people.

Is there an age limit for studying?

There is no set age to study in Canada.


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