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Register for a fully funded Fulbright scholarship 2023

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  • Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright is one of the largest scholarships funded by the US Department of State, and these scholarships cover: Tuition fees; Required textbooks, air travel, living stipend, health insurance, and visa. Living and studying in the United States will make all your dreams come true. The United States is the only country that offers so many opportunities that you can explore the list of fully funded American Scholarship .

The American Fulbright Commission announced its scholarship program for foreign students to study master's and doctoral degrees in the United States of America for the year 2022-2023.
The Fulbright Commission awards more than 5,500 scholarships each year, and this is an imaginary number for the number of scholarships for one country, including 4,000 scholarships through its program.
Grants are provided to about 155 countries around the world in all disciplines and to all American universities, institutes and research centers, and this is another great advantage in this program.
  1. Scholarship Country: United State
  2. Number of Scholarships: 4,000 per year
  3. Course Level: MSc, PhD

  • Admission Requirements

Admission requirements differ from one country to another, but the general conditions are as follows:

  1. Outstanding academic performance (obtaining a high grade at the university).
  2. Full English proficiency (submission of IELTS or TOEFL certificate).
  3.  Submitting a GRE certificate is an advantage.
  4. Volunteer work or leadership experience is also an advantage.
  5. Research or academic experience or scientific activities is an advantage.
  6. Submission of acceptance papers such as graduation certificates, statements of grades for study years, and curriculum vitae.
  7. Provide some letters such as letters of recommendation, document of purpose of study or letter of motivation.

  • Application dates and method

Application deadline is September 2022.

 You visit the Fulbright Commission headquarters; In your country and obtain the detailed conditions for admission and application forms, and after preparing the papers, you will submit them at the Fulbright Commission in your country.

  • Financial Coverage

The Fulbright Scholarship is funded by the US Department of State. The following expenses will be covered:
  1. Full tuition fee.
  2. a living wage.
  3. Provided textbooks.
  4. Return flight ticketliving salary.
  5. health insurance.
  6. Visa fee.
  7. Fulbright awards enable recipients to live on the same level as most American graduate students.
  • Available academic fields
- All specialties are eligible except for Clinical Medicine.
- People in the fields of energy, water, agriculture, public health, education and science .
- Social, journalism, media, arts and culture, management including heritage preservation, museum studies, urban and regional planning, science/environmental studies, security/peace studies, and data science are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Conditions for participating in the scholarship
For a master's degree programme, a four-year bachelor's degree or a 16-year bachelor's and master's degree of formal education from an accredited university.
Fresh graduates are strongly encouraged to apply, except for MBA and Public Policy/Management applicants, who require two years of work experience
For a Ph.D., MA, Philosophy or similar degree (minimum 18 years of formal education) from an accredited university.
It is highly desirable that candidates have practical experience in teaching, research or the public sector.
For both Masters and Ph.D., all academic majors are eligible, except for clinical medicine.
Also, program eligibility and selection procedures vary widely by country.
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