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Immigration and residence in Qatar 2022/2023

  • Immigration and residence in Qatar 2022/2023

work in Qatar:

Regarding work in Qatar and Qatar work visa, it is important to be aware of the jobs that are required in this country. Due to the different specializations, there are various job opportunities in Qatar that can be found through the list of required jobs in Qatar.

In order for a person to work in Qatar, he must hold a prior work visa before entering Qatar, which entitles him to obtain job opportunities in Qatar.This means that any person who enters Qatar with a visa other than a work visa will be prohibited from engaging in any professional activity and thus not obtaining jobs in Qatar.

The residence permit allows its owner to find job opportunities in Qatar.

Qatari companies prefer to hire a person who is looking for work inside the country, rather than a person who is looking for work from outside the country.

In addition, a person can determine the type of work he desires and is compatible with his qualifications and experience, rather than accepting the existing one.

List of Required Jobs in Qatar

  • material engineer
  • the accountant
  • HR Manager
  • Operation manager
  • Executive Director of Trade Development
  • Software Services Manager
  • Applied Surveying Engineering Consultants
  • Hotel related jobs
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Residency procedures in Qatar 2022

Below you will find all the procedures that must be followed in order to obtain residency in Qatar 2022:

Medical Examination

The medical examination is a necessary step in the Qatari residency procedures 2022, so every person wishing to obtain residency in Qatar must do a blood test to ensure his health and that he will not pose a danger to the indigenous people of Qatar.

ingerprint procedures in Qatar

The fingerprinting procedures come after confirming the results of the medical examination, after which the fingerprint of the person concerned is taken by the department concerned with evidence and criminal investigation.

Issuance of residence permit in Qatar and personal identity card

The public relations officer in the employer issues a residence permit to the person concerned and also books the necessary appointments. The duration of obtaining a residence permit in Qatar 2022 is estimated from 2 to 6 weeks from the date of applying for the permit.

The person concerned cannot obtain a permit and does not have a work contract in Qatar.

Tips for obtaining a work contract from outside Qatar

  getting jobs in Qatar from outside the country is difficult, because most Qatari recruitment companies are no longer in favor of hiring workers from abroad due to several problems, so submitting a job application in Qatar from inside Qatar is more good than applying for work outside Qatar. .

As for the prices of renting housing in Qatar, it is high, so the immigrant can rent the apartment with 3 or more friends so that they can pay the rent.

As for foodstuffs, they are not expensive, and whoever has the time to cook himself will be able to save extra money.

The required documents

If you are a partner or family member applying to work in Qatar and have a Qatari work visa, you will also need a visa. Applying for a Qatari visa requires obtaining a job offer from the employer and then applying for a residence permit.

The responsibility for these actions often lies with the employer; When the immigrant enters Qatar from the start, the employer submits a temporary visa, which then becomes a work permit and the The required documents are:

  • Passport and identity documents.
  • health certificate.
  • Providing the documents required to apply for a work permit at the Labor Department.
  • Certificate of innocence from a criminal record.
  • A job offer letter from an employer in Qatar.

Qatar residency benefits

  1. Provide a sponsorship transfer paper to work freely and legally.
  2. The possibility of moving between job opportunities freely.
  3. The possibility of obtaining a Qatari driving license.
  4. The possibility of opening a bank account.
  5. The possibility of investment.


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