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GRE exam

  • What is the GRE test? (GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination)

 It is a multiple choice test, usually ordered as oneof the Conditions for applying in master's programs forBusiness management around the world,This test has been prepared and developed by a test serviceEducational Level (ETS), aims to provide a standardized scale for evaluating students applying to various master’s programs, in addition to the rest of the other documents required of them.

But getting a high result in this test will give a great positive impression about you and contribute a large percentage to your acceptance.

  • What does this test include?

The Graduate Assessment Test measures various knowledge and skills, such as arithmetic, algebra, and data analysis as well as your inventory ofVocabulary as a college student. Not only that, the test also measures your ability to analyze and evaluate written texts, and your skills in writing Critical thinking and problem solving.

  It means a test to measure the capabilities of graduates, as this test measures the abilities of graduate students from universities, and predicts their abilities to understand and analyze the subjects they study quantitatively and qualitatively during their university studies. The specialty he would like to pass. This test is one of the important tests required of graduate students (Masters and Ph.D.) in all scientific disciplines in countries such as the United States of America And some countries that speak English or teach their courses in English, such as Canada, some European countries, and Japan. It is also one of the basic conditions required for admission to scholarships in most American and European universities and some universities in Arab countries. This exam is administered by the American Educational Testing AuthorityAlso known as ETS, which also administers the TOEFL test, this test measures logical abilities in English language, analysis and arithmetic and is taken either on a computer-based or in a paper-based format. The advantage of the exam on the computer is that it takes place throughout the year. As for the exam on paper, it is held a maximum of 3 times per year.

Testing started in 1949 by the US Educational Testing Service (ETS) There are about 700 centers across 160 countries that offer the GRE test .

  • When is the GRE certificate application required?

 The GRE test is required in all higher scientific disciplines, except for the majors of management and economics, which used to require the GMAT exam as an alternative to it. Also, some universities may not be satisfied with the GRE general exam only, so they also require the student to take the GRE exam, which is heading Only towards a specialized scientific field.

  • GRE exam types

GRE General test:

This exam consists of three main sections, but in most cases there is a fourth experimental section, which is identical in quality to one of the three official sections:

1-The first section of the GRE exam, which is the linguistic or verbal section

The number of questions for this section: 30 Questions - Grade awarded: ranging from 130 to 170 marks.

Available time: 30 minutes.

Content: written texts presented to the student that measure the extent of his ability to deduce from them and benefit from them through a number of questions that assess his ability to understand those texts, and the extent to which he is able to elicit the most important main points from them, and how he assumes the missing information in the text, and re-correct it. The questions in this section are divided into two parts:

A- The first part is to complete the text

 In this part, your ability to infer information is tested by omitting some crucial and meaningful words from short passages, and asking you to choose short words or phrases to fill in those spaces, creating coherent and meaningful sentences.

B- The second part finds the relationship between the words

The applicant is asked to analyze the relationships between the different sentences, and to identify the words and concepts contained therein. For example, the applicant is given a pair of words separated by two points, and the applicant is expected to understand the relationship between them.

2- Section Two: Computational and Quantitative Capabilities Section

The number of questions in this section: 28 questions, which are questions in the form of multiple choice

The degree awarded for this section: ranges from 130 to 170 degrees. The time available: 45 minutes

Content: Some of the questions in this section are asked from real life examples, while others are purely mathematical, usually in the form of mathematical problems, multiple choice questions and completing numbers that a high school student can answer most of them. These questions require knowledge of the principles of engineering, mathematical calculations, statistics, and the ability to analyze statistical information given in the form of tables or graphs. The questions in this section are divided into two parts:

  1. The first part is problem solving.
  2. The second part is called the quantitative comparison.

3- Section Three Analytical and Critical Writing Section

The number of questions here: There are two questions

Open-ended questions: write about, talk, discuss, etc. (write two articles)

The grade given here: ranges from 0 to 6 The student's performance is evaluated on a scale of 0 to 6 points, after the articles are reviewed by specialists. That is, the result is not instantaneous.

Time available: 75 minutes for the first article  and 45 minutesfor the second 

Content: This section assesses your critical thinking and analytical writing skills, which are considered by academics to be one of the most important elements of success at university levels, especially for students applying for postgraduate studies. Here you should be able to articulate difficult ideas and support them with illustrative examples and be able to build and evaluate the evidence presented, and show your discussion in a focused and coherent manner.

The GRE Subject test:

This exam is required while applying to study in one of the scientific disciplines such as medicine and engineering, for its ability to assess students in the specific specialized subjects required in those disciplines, for example, the GRE test in mathematics, the GRE test in physics, the GRE test in chemistry, and the GRE test in biochemistry, GRE in Biology, GRE in Psychology etc.

 This exam is held three times a year in the months of October, November and April and is conducted using paper and pencil. The duration of each exam is 3 hours. The GRE subject test score ranges from 200-990.

  • Miscellaneous information about scores on the GRE General Test

  1. Results are usually sent to AMIDEAST a month after the exam, from which the result can be obtained. There is also a free phone number in America to check the results of the GRE, the number is 0018884737267, and this number can be reached through Skype.
  2. The applicant can request to send his exam result to the universities of his choice - a maximum of 4 universities - without any additional fees.
  3. In the event that the score is less than the required, the exam can be repeated again, but after 30 days or more from the last exam.

  • GRE grading system

  There are two grading systems for the GRE General Examination:

A- The old system: the analytical part of 6 levels is evaluated, with a minimum of zero and the rate of increase is half a degree (for example, 5.1 becomes 5.0 and 5.3 becomes 5.5). As for the other two parts, their degrees are from 800, with a minimum of 200, and the rate of increase is 10 degrees (for example, 755 becomes 760 and 751 becomes 750).

B- The new system: in which the analytical part continued as it was, while the degree of the last two parts changed to 130 degrees as a minimum and 170 degrees as a maximum, and an increase rate of one degree. In addition, a percentage order is placed for each student. For example, when the student obtains an amount of (65%) as a percentage order, this means that the student's score is better than the scores of (65%) of the students taking the exam in that period.

the Score that  currently required by universities in the GRE General Test !

The scores that must be achieved to have a good chance of studying are 4.5-6 in the analytical writing part, 170-165 in the arithmetic part (or 800-780 in the old system) and 160 in the language part (or 600-800 on the old system) a total of approximately 314 in the system The new (previously it was 1301).

The required score in this exam is affected by several factors, such as:

1- The student’s score among those who took the exam with him in the same period.

2- University Ranking: The higher the reputation of the university, the higher the required score in this exam. Therefore, you should specify the universities in which you want to study and know the required degree for admission.

3- The type of academic seat in which the student is offered, is it a scholarship?! or studying on his personal account; As the required score in this exam differs here. If the seat type is a scholarship, the required score in this test is greater than the score required for just joining the study on the applicant’s personal account.

 4- The field of study, the required level in the medical and engineering fields is higher than the required lavel in the educational and literary fields.

5- Disparity in supply and demand: as the student may be accepted into the study program he desires and apply to it even if he does not achieve the required grades in the GRE test, because acceptance is ultimately subject to the rule of supply and demand, for example, the college requested 150 students for the Department of Architecture, but those who applied for this major There are only 120 students, in this case students whose score is close to the required score in the GRE are accepted.

GRE Exam Score Features !

  1. The GRE test certificate can be used for a period of five years starting from the date of the exam.
  2. Hypothetically, the exam will be held everywhere, but you must register for the exam well in advance, since the seats in the exam halls are limited and crowded. Also, you can take the exam once a month.
  3. The GRE exam fee is about $160.

How to prepare for the GRE test !

  1. The exam is somewhat difficult and requires a preparation period that may extend to 4 months or more, assuming that your level of English is high. Companies that prepare the test, such as: Caplin and Princeton Review, claim that the test forms are so accurate that the student needs to get used to the questions of the body that Prepare it and on its timing and focus, as well as using the method of exclusion and this method is considered one of the best aids to increase the student's score in the exam.
  2. Focus on English language skills relevant to your studies,
  3. Sign up for the GRE course. AMIDEAST institutes provide courses in which the ETS book is used in the GRE. Power Prep also provides a preparatory program known as ETS, where the computer prepares the test format and the questions used in it.
  4.  Read books that talk and explain about the test.
  5. Reading MIT University of Technology reviews, The Economist, Smithsonian, and others are considered excellent and non-stressful materials to prepare for the language level required in academic life in countries such as the United States.

The official website for the exam can be found at the following link :

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