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Chevening International Scholarship 2024

  • Chevening International Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarship is one of the most important and most famous scholarships in the world and this scholarship has been provided since 1983 by the British government with the aim of searching for distinguished students in order to develop their abilities.

This scholarship is funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is awarded to Masters students who have leadership skills, can influence others and have the ability to make decisions. The Chevening Scholarship helps them develop their professional and academic future while studying in Britain, where they acquire British culture and build strong relationships that will benefit them in their future.

  • What is the deadline to apply for the Chevening Scholarship?

Registration for the Chevening Scholarship begins on the third of October 2023 and continues until the third of November 2023, During this period, students can prepare all the necessary documents, and it is advisable for the documents to be ready before the start of the registration period.

Acceptance or rejection of a student depends on the manner in which he presents himself. If it is distinctive and attractive, the selection committee will select it, knowing that competition is often very strong for a Chevening Scholarship and there are thousands of students who apply for this scholarship each year and few are selected in order to gain the advantages.

  • Chevening Scholarship Costs

As for the study costs, the student does not pay any of them, as the student gets the material benefits granted in the Chevening Scholarship, which is the payment of tuition fees in Britain, which in most British universities amount to fifteen thousand pounds or more. . There are also tuition fees awarded to the student on a monthly basis and range from £1,000 to £1,200.

  1. Chevening Scholarship Benefits
  2. Study costs are fully covered by the British government.
  3. The student is given a monthly stipend to cover personal expenses.
  4. The scholarship covers visa fees and tickets in full.
  5. In Britain you can work part-time for no more than 20 hours a week.
  6. You can study at any university in Britain.
  7. A college degree is not required.

  • Admission requirements for the Chevening Scholarship

The person must be from a country whose nationals are allowed to apply for a Chevening Scholarship. As for all Arab countries, registration is available to them without exception from any country. As for those who hold British citizenship, they are not accepted in the scholarship.

The student must return to his home country for two years or more and not less than that after completing his studies in the mission in Britain.

The student must have a bachelor's degree through which he can join a university in Britain, where his degree ranges with its equivalent in Britain 2:1, and the GPA system is approximately 3.2 , 3.4.

His/her qualifications must match those required for the English Language Proficiency Scholarship.

The student's experience should not exceed two years.

  •   Here is a list of some of the study specializations available for the Chevening Scholarship program:

  1. Hotel Management
  2. Archaeology and Museums
  3. International Economics
  4. Political Economy
  5. Economics and Business
  6. Accounting
  7. Optics
  8. History
  9. Education
  10. Digital Marketing
  11. Visual Design and Effects
  12. Graphic Design
  13. Photography
  14. Nursing
  15. Geography
  16. Islamic Studies
  17. Environmental Studies
  18. Japanese Studies
  19. Sports
  20. Mathematics
  21. Tourism and Hospitality
  22. Journalism and Media
  23. Public Health
  24. Pharmacy
  25. Human Medicine
  26. Veterinary Medicine
  27. Molecular Medicine
  28. Aviation
  29. Organic Chemistry
  30. Social Sciences
  31. Humanities
  32. Applied Sciences
  33. Analytical Chemistry
  34. Digital Sciences
  35. Agricultural Sciences
  36. Political Science
  37. Architecture
  38. Art, Music, and Design
  39. Arts
  40. Design, Visual Communication, and Film
  41. Physics
  42. Law
  43. Law and Politics
  44. Chemistry
  45. Languages
  46. Spanish Language
  47. Danish Language
  48. Arabic Language
  49. German Language
  50. English Language
  51. French Language
  52. Latin Language
  53. Linguistics and Cultural Studies
  54. Accounting
  55. Electronic Simulation
  56. Human Resources
  57. Music
  58. Engineering
  59. Mechanical Engineering
  60. Medical Engineering
  61. Electrical Engineering
  62. Civil Engineering
  63. All Study Disciplines
  64. Natural and Social Sciences Scholarships
  65. Medical Science Scholarships
  66. Military Science Scholarships
  67. Water Sciences Scholarships
  68. Nanobiotechnology Scholarships
  69. Textile Technology Scholarships
  70. Human Rights Scholarships
  71. Entrepreneurship Scholarships
  72. Dental Medicine Scholarships
  73. Biology Scholarships
  74. Psychology and Psychiatry Scholarships
  75. Data Science Scholarships
  76. Space Science Scholarships
  77. Philosophy Scholarships
  78. Energy Engineering Scholarships
  79. Chemical Engineering Scholarships
  80. Petroleum Engineering Scholarships
  81. Software Engineering Scholarships
  82. Computer and Information Technology Engineering Scholarships
  83. Metallurgical and Manufacturing Engineering Scholarships
  84. Telecommunications Engineering

  • Language Proficiency Qualifications

The student must submit a test result from one of the international tests in which the language level is measured. The Chevening Scholarship accepts results from one of these exams:

Academic IELTS

Pearson PTE Academic


Cambridge English: Advanced CEA

Trinity ISE II  B2

The Chevening Scholarship requires student admission with a minimum IELTS score of 6.5, plus a TOEFL score of approximately 79.

  • Scholarship Program

With regard to the study programs that the student must choose, the student first chooses 3 study programs, whether they are different in the same university or in 3 different universities, then registers them in the form, and then sends the registration form on it. Compatibility with these universities after fulfilling the conditions of each university.

When he receives unconditional answers from these universities (at least one), he then sends them to the Chevening Scholarship website before July 12.

The scholarship will not be accepted for any answer except from the three universities that have been registered.

The acceptance letter from the university should also be unconditional.

The scholarship only accepts conditional acceptance responses from the university if the reasons are substantial, i.e. a certain amount of expenses must be paid to the university to send an unconditional answer.

  • How to choose a program to get a Chevening Scholarship
The Chevening Scholarship application process begins with course selection. Students are free to choose from three Chevening master's programmes, The registration period is 9 to 12 months (full term), and begins in early fall.
After choosing the enrollment program the student can start forming his/her profile in the Chevening Online Application System (OAS). This usually asks personal or educational inquiries, as well as some questions that require an answer of at least 100 words.
After completing the Chevening Scholarship registration form, the student must upload two reference letters of recommendation. The Embassy will contact these academic or professional teachers .
the final part of the selection process.Selected applicants are required to attend an interview at British embassies or commissions in their regions. But before doing so, the applicant must upload the following documents to the OAS:
  1. Education documents, i.e. transcripts or certificates.
  2. Two reference letters of recommendation.
  3. short biography.
  4. The student must bring his/her passport to the interview as well.
Accepted applicants are notified of their status by early or mid-June.

  •    Chevening Companion
Those who is wishing to apply should begin by choosing a program such as the scholarship application process. The options available usually depend on the field and nationality.
  • For example, African students can apply for:
  1. The Chevening Africa Fellowship for Media Freedom is for mid-level applicants working in the fields of media policy and regulation.
  2. Chevening Ethiopia Fellowship to lead Ethiopian public servants who excel in the areas of policy, leadership and innovation.
  3. The Western Balkan Cyber ​​Security Fellowship, as the name suggests is open to citizens of Western Balkan countries.
  • the open Programs to all countries Contains:
  1. The British Library Chevening Fellowship, a one-year tenure at the British Library.
  2. Chevening Color Fellowship, a leadership program that has helped produce global experts over the past 15 years.
  3. Energy Market Reform in Chevening for Senior Energy Professionals.
  4. Health Care, Health Policy and Health Research Fellowship for senior professionals who wish to undertake a research project at Oxford.
  5. LSE Fellowship, a nine-month program for a specific research project.
  6. The Oxford Center for Islamic Studies Fellowship is for professionals who wish to specialize in the study of the culture and civilization of Islam.
  7. The Science and Innovation Research Fellowship, which covers the processes of science, innovation and management, and the interactions between economics, innovation and research.

  • Some frequently asked questions regarding the scholarship

1- Can I extend my application?

 No, extensions will not be granted under any circumstances.

2- Do I need to fill out the forms and send them to you via email? 

Yes. Please submit completed copies of the Acceptance Form, Data Preferences Form, Medical Form, and Customer Sponsorship Letter, making sure to include all relevant pages and send each form as a PDF document (please do not send individual pages).

3- Can I use an electronic signature? 

A handwritten signature is preferred. However, if you are unable to print and scan the documents to your computer, we will accept an electronic signature.

4- When will I receive my Final Award Letter (FAL)?

 Your FAL will be issued after all required documents are submitted and after we receive confirmation of your course details directly from the university. Your FAL will then be processed by our international team, who will send it to your embassy/high commission for confirmation. Please be patient while waiting as there is a large number of scholars being processed by our teams at this time.


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