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The best and easiest 5 ways to obtain residency in Germany

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All residences when obtained, and then the residence turns from temporary residence to permanent residence, and the period required to obtain permanent residence after temporary residence in Germany varies according to the type of residence.

1- Work residence in Germany

This residence permit is granted to immigrants who have obtained work in Germany, or who have completed their studies in Germany and have converted a German study residence permit into a work permit, and the commitment to this residence and its continuation ultimately qualifies the person to obtain permanent residence in Germany, and then German citizenship.

2- Asylum and protection establishment

There are many places of residence for asylum in Germany, and a refugee in Germany is granted a residence permit based on the reasons he provides when applying for asylum in Germany.

There are those who are granted partial protection residence, which is granted to a person who does not provide reasons that qualify him to be a refugee in Germany and for a period of two years, and Germany grants this residence to a person because he cannot leave Germany for his country. The holder of this residence can be deported to his country if the situation is stabilized.

In the event that the situation is unstable and remains the same and the period of residence has expired, he can apply for a 3 year residence permit.

3- Family reunification stay in Germany

It is considered one of the easiest types of residence in Germany, and it is granted to families of refugees and immigrants to Germany for any purpose, as long as they hold legal residence in Germany, and refugees and immigrants are allowed to bring their families to Germany as long as the immigrant can provide evidence that he can provide housing and life requirements for those who wish to They are reunited in Germany and, accordingly, those who come to Germany in this way are granted the right to reside in Germany legally and easily.

But as I said, holders of partial or temporary residence in Germany cannot apply for family reunification after the tightening of the law on asylum and family reunification in Germany, which states that holders of partial or temporary residence stay in Germany for two years before they can apply for reunification family in Germany.

There are other residence programs for refugees, such as asylum residences granted under German state programmes, and German asylum residences under federal asylum programmes.

4- Study residence in Germany

Although the purpose of this residence is to study, after a person finishes his studies in Germany, he can stay in Germany legally for a year and a half, and if he can get a job in Germany during this period, he can apply for a transfer of residence Study in Germany to a residence job.

5- Residence in Germany through marriage

Marriage to a German citizen gives the right to reside legally in Germany, provided that the marriage is not for the purpose of interest and obtaining residency only.

If it is discovered that the marriage is for the purpose of benefit only, the person may be deported to his country again, this type is the easiest and fastest form of residence in Germany and the fastest to obtain German citizenship.

6- Residency in Germany by investment

Investing in Germany is a great opportunity to obtain German residency, and investing is the easiest opportunity for money owners to obtain German or other residency easily and quickly.

7- Residency in Germany with the Blue Card

Blue card holders can easily obtain residence and work in Germany, and this residence permit is valid for work in Germany or any EU country.

Some types of residence in Germany The holder must temporarily reside for 5 years in Germany before applying for permanent residence.

Some of them can apply for permanent residence in Germany before the 5-year period expires, and they are exempted from obtaining temporary residence for 5 years, among which are the following:

  • Refugees in Germany

A refugee who is granted by Germany the right of temporary residence for 3 years, can apply for permanent residence in Germany after the end of the three-year period, according to the German Residence Act.

Partial residency holders cannot do this, and must serve the legal period of their residency before obtaining permanent residency.

  • Marriage to a German citizen

Whoever marries a German citizen, can apply for permanent residence in Germany after 3 years from the date of marriage,However, German residence law requires that this marriage last until the date of applying for permanent residence.

  • Geniuses and Scientists

Innovators and scientists who have graduated from Germany can apply for permanent German residence two years after the date of their stay in Germany.

  • EU Blue Card

The blue card holder is given the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in Germany, if he has been in Germany for 33 months,Or apply for permanent residence if it lasts 21 months, provided that the person has reached level B1 in German.

  • Investor in Germany

Investors do not wait in Germany for 5 years, which is the period of temporary residence,An investor in Germany can obtain permanent residence after 3 years from the date of establishing his project in Germany, provided that this project is continuous and achieves profits and success on the ground.


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