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"Guide to Canadian Citizenship for Children Born in Canada: Steps and Requirements"

  • Canadian citizenship for a child born in Canada

 Canadian citizenship is granted to anyone born on Canadian soil. Anyone born in Canada after February 14, 1977, is granted Canadian citizenship by birthright, but every rule has an exception. There are conditions for obtaining Canadian citizenship by right of birth, These conditions are that one parent possesses Canadian residency during the period of birth, and neither parent nor parent is employed in the diplomatic service. To find more information on this topic, follow this report.

Is Canadian citizenship granted to a child born in Canada automatically?

Every child born in Canadian territory automatically acquires citizenship, with the exception of children of foreign diplomatic delegates, who are not entitled to Canadian citizenship.

Canadian citizenship has made a lot of women give birth in Canada, so how is it?

Many women from different countries of the world intend to travel to Canada in order to give birth to their newborn children in Canada and to obtain Canadian citizenship for the newborn.

This process is known as birth tourism in Canada, but Canada is aware of this and is studying the possibility of canceling the granting of Canadian citizenship by birthright, as immigration officials have officially submitted a request to cancel the granting of Canadian citizenship by birthright, But if Canada revoked the right to acquire citizenship by birth in its territory, this would entail the creation of new laws for those born in its territory.

Of course, birth tourism is not an excuse to withdraw Canadian citizenship. A person born on Canadian soil has the right to acquire citizenship by virtue of a land right or what is known as a territorial right, But of course, this is not for everyone. As mentioned earlier, children of foreign diplomats are excluded, and citizenship cannot be granted to those who are considered a disgrace.

The registration of foreign children born on Canadian soil varies from province to province and province to province, but they all participate in the granting of automatically acquired Canadian citizenship.

The rights of an automatically acquired Canadian citizen are the same in all Canadian provinces and territories.

  • Rights of a child born in Canada

Acquired citizenship grants its holder all rights to a Canadian citizen, not only this, but this citizenship is a way to immigrate to the naturalized family by birthright, as we often witness the birth of foreign children in Canada, Then they return them to their countries of origin, and after a while the holder of Canadian citizenship returns and helps his family reach Canada, and some also seek to strengthen their presence in Canada and have children, and this work is often done by refugees.

Do the parents of a child who has obtained citizenship get privileges?

The child's parents cannot get privileges like their son, but one of them can stay with the child who has been granted citizenship on a temporary visa, as they are not entitled to permanent residence once their child is born in Canada.

This is why most parents return to their home countries after their child acquires Canadian citizenship, and after a child with Canadian citizenship grows up, he or she can return to Canada and live there as a Canadian citizen with rights and duties.

The only thing he can help his parents with is to facilitate their immigration to Canada if they submit an immigration application after they reach the age of eight.

After he reaches the age of 18, he can help his parents get Canadian citizenship easier.

Documents Required to Register a Child Born in Canada to Grant Automatically Acquired Canadian Citizenship

Certain documents are required to complete the process of registering a child born in Canada. These documents include the father and mother's passport, the mother's medical file, as well as the international health insurance card, which will reduce the costs of childbirth if any, as well as the parents' social insurance numbers.

After the process of proving the child's birth in Canada and obtaining the birth certificate, a passport must be obtained for the child, so that he or she can enter Canada without complications, to enjoy the benefits of Canadian citizenship as a Canadian citizen.

Obtaining the acquired Canadian citizenship is considered a golden card in the hands of the holder, as he can enter Canada whenever he wants and obtain his full rights as a Canadian citizen, and he can study in Canadian universities and live in Canada without fear of deportation. . or expiry of the period of stay, But arranging a birth in Canada to obtain Canadian citizenship by birth requires high costs, so you should calculate your financial ability before considering the birth of your child in Canada to be granted automatically acquired Canadian citizenship.

  • Birth tourism in Canada

Canadian citizenship acquired by birth is granted automatically, as we must know that Canada is one of the countries that grant citizenship by birth within its territory, and this decision was implemented after 1947, A newborn is automatically granted Canadian citizenship, but children of foreign diplomatic delegates are excluded from this, and they can acquire Canadian citizenship if their status changes to permanent residents of the Canadian state.

Many women from different countries of the world intend to travel to Canada in order to give birth to their newborn children in Canada and to obtain Canadian citizenship for the newborn.

This is known as birth tourism, but it is illegal in Canada, where pregnancy is not a major reason to accept an immigration application to Canada, but if a woman can obtain a visa to enter Canada, and give birth in Canada, her newborn will obtain Canadian citizenship.

  • Planning for the birth of a child in Canada

Planning to give birth in Canada, always look for legitimate ways to protect you from risks, and among these methods is the "Birth in Canada Program", It is a program launched by the tourism companies, and of course it cannot be officially recognized because Canada does not allow it, but it is hiding under the name of Tourism Canada.

This program is implemented on the basis of granting the pregnant woman a tourist visa that is restricted to a specific time, and the birth is supposed to take place during her visit to Canada, Everything related to the birth is planned, and tourism companies help the pregnant woman in planning the birth so that the child automatically receives the citizenship acquired by birthright, Where companies plan where to stay and the hospital where the birth will take place, it all depends on the date of birth.

These companies also take care of the entire mother after her birth, taking care of everything so that the newborn gets Canadian citizenship.

Of course, this process is finely woven. Canada does not allow birth tourism, but it grants every child born on its territory Canadian citizenship acquired by birth without conditions, If his parents were of a different nationality, it started to spoil, as some planned to cover the birth process in Canada with a tourist visa, but we must admit that birth tourism in Canada is illegal and not recognized under Canadian law.

We can say that being born in Canada is enough to obtain Canadian citizenship, The birth of your child in Canada will open wide prospects for him in the future, as he can freely travel to Canada, study, and work there. We have given you all the information regarding birth in Canada so that you are aware of the matter.


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