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Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring the Arrima Immigration Program in Canada

Arrima Immigration Program

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   How to register for the Arrima Immigration Program for the Province of Quebec

Fill out the "Demande d'intérêt" form

It is online through the link: arrima.immigration-quebec.gouv

The candidate for the PRTQ program must provide information on educational level, language level, and work experience.

The information must be accurate and correct because you will be asked later to attach it with documents and proofs (eg language test certificate, work certificate).

The French language test is not mandatory, but without the test you will not be able to get the points necessary for the withdrawal. Even if you hold a Licensing, Master or Doctorate degree in French, or you are a French language teacher... you must submit the required French language test to get the points necessary for the draw.

 and the Acceptable French language tests are :

  • TCF
  • TEF
  • ,TEFaQ
  • TEF Canada
  • DELF A1
  • DELF A2
  • DELF B1
  • DELF B2
  • DALF C1
  • DALF C2
  • TCF Canada  

The minimum level for obtaining full points in the French language test is 7 (meaning B2). You can also get lower points if your score is lower in an exam.

The English language test is not mandatory, but it gives you additional points if you have the required English language test.

Acceptable English language tests: IELTS.

The minimum acceptable level in the English language test is the fifth level.

It is not compulsory for the candidate to apply to the Quebec Ministry of Immigration in order to obtain an equivalency certificate for diplomas obtained outside Quebec.

  Obtaining an equivalency certificate for diplomas through the link :

After filling out the form (Demande d'intérêt), the candidate is placed in a database (banque de demande d'intérêt).

3 The Quebec Ministry of Immigration 🇲🇶🇨🇦 will subsequently withdraw a number of candidates according to several criteria, including the standard of labor required in the labor market, the language standard, the certificate standard...

Draws are made several times a year (almost every month).

Selection criteria differ from one draw to another. For example, in the first batch, they withdraw the nurses, biologists, and teachers, and in the second batch, they withdraw the equipment and mechanics, and so on.

4 After the draw, the Department of Immigration sends invitations to the persons drawn to:

Fill out a sélection permanente (demande d'immigration) application form

Pay the costs allocated to the immigration application

5 The requests are studied according to the rating scale in force at that moment (Ces demands seront ensuite évaluées en fonction de la grille de sélection en vigueur).


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