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"Studying Medicine in Canada: Learn with Excellence and Prepare for a Promising Future"

 Study medicine in Canada 2022

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You should know that there are two categories:

The category of those who want to study medicine or who is a student in general medicine and wants to complete their studies in Canada. The second category is a doctorate in general medicine and specialized medicine.

The first category: who wants to study medicine or a medical student and wants to complete his studies in Canada:

  1. Whether you have obtained a baccalaureate or are a medical student, you must submit an application for admission to medicine for the Faculty of Medicine. In both cases, and if you are accepted, you will start again, which means registering a first year of medicine. You should also know that the University of Medicine in Canada accepts only 1 or 2 non-Canadian students in medicine every year ‼️ If you have obtained permanent residence in Canada and want to study medicine, your chances will be higher.
  2.    And your admission to the college depends on the quality of your file. I mean, you need a very good rate + volunteer work in associations and charitable works + you must conduct an interview with a committee, they ask you a problem and you respond, the question is asked, and it does not even have anything to do with medicine, rather it has to do with how you deal with pressure.
General Doctor and Private Physician Category:

If you are a general practitioner, a private doctor or a resident doctor, you must go through the same steps. But before talking about the steps, I must explain how medicine is studied in Canada in general:

  1. medical student studying for 4 years and obtaining a baccalaureate diploma in medicine.
  2. The holder of this certificate cannot practice medicine, he must work in a specialty (résidana) such as ophthalmology, general surgery, family medicine (general medicine), pediatrics
  3. Family medicine in Canada: It is a specialty in itself, and the duration of study in it is two and a half years. Then the doctor can practice his specialty as a family doctor, or what is known as a general practitioner.

   Now we will talk about the steps without going into the file:

  • The student must apply for a transaction certificate. It is rather complicated, as the candidate must pass 2 exams, and success in these exams is rather easy.

  • After passing the exams, you become like the holder of a baccalaureate degree in medicine. You must choose a specialty to be assigned to in order to be able to work as a doctor.

  • The possibility of obtaining a medical specialty remains a bit low, because they give priority to baccalaureate students specializing in medicine in Canada, and this is the big problem, meaning that your admission requires a distinguished file.

✅ There is another solution for general practitioners and specialists who want to work in the province of Quebec: which is to obtain a permis restrictif au Québec through which a specialist doctor can practice his work under the supervision of another Canadian doctor. And often go to work in remote areas.


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