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The best rural cities to live and work in Canada 2022

  • The best rural cities to live and work in Canada 2022

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 city Timmins

In the province of Ontario, {🇨🇦} is included in the . Rural Immigration Program:

    Canada {🇨🇦}, the program {🇨🇦} created by Canada for the reconstruction of villages and rural areas {in eleven rural areas} in several provinces, and the basis for selection in all of them is to obtain a work contract in the concerned village or small city, and you can find in this link : 

It is also necessary to achieve an average level in the language and evaluate the certificate {study level}, and I advise you to register in this link to be able to communicate always with job offers announced by the city.

Here are some of the required professions in the picture below :

Sudbury City

It is a rural area in the province of Ontario. This small city ranked third among the regions outside Quebec because most of the immigrants living in it are Francophone, speaking French, and it is true that rural areas in Canada need reconstruction, only because it is in need, but even a program Rural migration also has certain conditions.

Educational level: at least high school with a diploma or certificate whose level has not been determined.

At least one year experience in a profession, all professions and all categories are acceptable A. B. C. D 0 (so that some do not ask whether I am accepted or not, this is related to the following condition.

Finding a job contract in this small town. Sudbury

For example, if you work in category B

You are looking for a job in the same category or the next category, which is C

If you are of category C,

you look for a Class C or Class D job

If you are in class A you

Look for an A or B job

And if you are of class 0 you

Look for a Class 0 or Class A job and so on

That you have an intermediate level in French or English (depending on the type of profession, there are professions that require only level 4).

The most important condition is the equivalency of the certificate obtained in your country.

Also enough money for your family's needs in the first stage.

Finally the intention to settle in the city.

North Bay City

Let's find out the terms

First : all categories of workers accepted into the rural program

 A B. C. D,O

cnp (classification nationale des professions Canada.

Second: obtaining a work contract in the city of North Bay, at the same level as your level or the higher or lower level directly, for example: you can find work in the Canadian description of professions category A or C.

If you are in category B.

Which means the one before or after your category.

Thirdly: the work contract must be for an indefinite period, from the operator.

Fourth : you must have at least one year of full-time experience.

Thirty hours a week

Fifth: you have the intention of settling in the city.

Sixth: and most importantly, the required language level is not high compared to other programs:

  1. CNP 0 /A Requires level 6
  2. CNP. B.required Level 5 
  3. CNP D Required Level 4

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