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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Immigration To Canada For International Students 2022

  •   Frequently asked questions about studying in Canada 2022

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1 How to transfer studies from a university (Mitres, baccalaureate ) to an institute for studying <DEP or DEC> ⁉️ Is it possible to do this transfer in the same province  .

There are two cases

The first case is: the university in which you came to study outside the province of Quebec, and in this case it is easy to transfer to DEP or DEC. You must apply for admission to the institute, then request a CAQ {if the institution is located in Quebec} if outside Quebec do not apply for a CAQ.

If the Permis d'étude <your contract>

  has conditions such as: You must study at a university, or in a baccalaureate program or Mitres... In this case you must apply to change your PE to <immigration Canada> In this case you change the institute as well .

Second case: The university you came to study at is located in the province of Quebec. You own a CAQ related to the university.

In this case the change is difficult if the institute is also located in the same province <Quebec>, for the procedures you must apply for admission to the institute and then request a new CAQ related to the new institute. And here comes the difficulty. Because the Quebec Department of Immigration asks you for clarifications and asks why you didn't study at the university and you want to change to DEP. And you must have real reasons and strong arguments that prevented you from studying at the university or else the CAQ application will be rejected.

  The best option is to study at least 1 session at the university. Then switch to DEP .                                      


After obtaining your new CAQ if Permis d'étude <your contract> have  conditions such as: you must study at a university, in a baccalaureate program or Mitres... in this case you must apply to change your PE to immigration Canada. With no conditions in this case, you go to the institute And you change it at CléGC .

 If you want to change to an institute outside Quebec, the change is very easy, as you do not have to request a CAQ. Only the PE should be changed if it has university-relat requirements in PE : the link obove👆

2 How to change a tourist visa to a study or work visa⁉️ (change of status):

If you came to Canada for the purpose of tourism, and after that you wanted to study or work, Canadian law allows you to do so.but You must follow the legal and administrative procedures for this:

   For study:

 you must obtain an acceptance from an institute or university, and then request a CAQ if the institute or university is located in the province of Quebec. And finally, it requires {study contract}.

  For work:

 you have to search and find a job <Contrat de travail EIMT>. Then the operator (via an immigration consultant or attorney) will request the EIMT and CAQ (if the business is in Quebec). It may take up to four months to receive a response with either an acceptance or a denial of the EIMT.In the case of acceptance .

In the case of acceptance, you request a work permit, and it takes about two months to receive a response, whether it is accepted or rejected.

3 How to get selected in the Quebec immigration program:

The selection is done in Arima and the immigration program for the province of Quebec contains some considerations and pictures will explain more:.                       


Your field of study and profession is required in Quebec, which is the only province that awards additional points for certain certificates that you need in work market .


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