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Immigration to Canada 2022 >>Where do I start??

  • I want to emigrate, but I don't know where to start.

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This project of your life will not happen overnight, plan it well and switch between programs to know which one is right for you.

first step

The first thing you have to do is calculate the points, am I eligible, am I accepted? To save yourself the effort, trouble, money and nerves.

The second step

is to take the French or English language test or both, and try to develop language skills as much as possible (and do not listen to those who say the easiest and most wonderful program without language) because it is a lie.

The third step

if you intend to immigrate to the Anglophone side, is to evaluate the certificate with a Canadian organization,  and the most famous which is the { WES}.

  And the fourth step

which is almost the problem of the majority, saving money, which is difficult, I agree with you, and needs saving for a period of time, because the migration project requires money, and each step of the one we talked about needs a certain amount of money, also the costs of studying the file if you get a real invitation of a program, and it may be required in advanced stages that you provide a certain amount of money in the bank, as evidence of your financial ability to take responsibility for your family in the first three months upon your arrival in Canada, and the Arima program is almost one of the cheapest programs in this aspect.


The dream of Canada is not only a dream that remains attached to your imagination, you have always dreamed of it, and use all your energy and qualifications in it if you are really obsessed with changing and starting in other countries.


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