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Simple Ways to Get an Immigrant Visa to Canada for Craftsmen 2022

  • Immigration to Canada for craftsmen 2022

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What you can do to migrate is

Via work permit

You have to look for a job in your field in Canadian job sites, for this you should prepare a CV the Canadian way of course, highlighting your talents and your daily work in the CV (this is very important) to attract attention from the operator.

If all goes well, the operator will likely ask you for additional documents such as certifications, experience, and possibly even an interview.

When you are accepted for work, they will handle administrative procedures (often through a lawyer or immigration specialist) until you receive your work permit.

Watch how to apllay in the video:


Migration by study

You can enroll in a DEP study at an institute that has a DEP program in your field or similar field in order to develop and update (realize) your professional talents.

After obtaining acceptance from the institution (admission), you can apply for a CAQ (if the institution is in the province of Quebec),

If the institute is outside the province of Quebec, for example, the CCNB in ​​Nouveau-Brunswick, in this case do not ask for the CAQ, go directly to the Permis d'étude application.

Migration via AEC (Attestation d' études collégiales)

🔴 What is AEC: To study AEC in Quebec, you must request the CAQ Collégiale level. Anyone with a secondary or higher third level can study AEC.

 The AEC is also good, and you can see it as Des Cours de perfectionnement in a certain field. For example, you have a diploma in computer information and need training in the field of sécurité informatique. You can study the AEC in Cyber ​​sécurité.

🔴 Do you get permanent residence through AEC:Yes, you can obtain permanent residence through PEQ Travailleur. on conditions:

  1. The duration of the AEC study is approximately 2 years to obtain a 3-year PERMIS DE TRAVAIL POST-DIPLOME. (same condition is present in DEP).
  2. to work for two years a temps plein in a job that is CNP at 0, A or B (In DEP, you need a year and a half of work).
  3. Pass the French language test B2 (language requirements are not required in DEP).


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