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Register to work in Canada with the companies most in demand for a work contract in Canada 2024

  • Sites for obtaining a work contract in Canada 2024

If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada in 2022 and your first hurdle is an employment contract, fear not! There are programs and services that encourage Canadian employers to hire new immigrants. Today we present to you the guide that explains the strategy of finding Canadian companies looking for foreign workers for 2022.

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There are specific programs that encourage Canadian companies to hire newcomers.

There are also initiatives that provide you with a Canadian experience through internship opportunities for international undergraduates and skilled foreign workers to work in Canada.

Here are some websites that can help you connect with potential Canadian employers:

It is actually one of the most popular job search sites in the world, but the problem is that the jobs available are mainly Canadian (for Canadians only), So you should type this phrase into the search engine. In fact, you write "LMIA - Your Business" in your workplace.

Write your exact profession in English. For example, the cook is like LMIA COOK, and so on until you see the results of your work by qualified companies to attract foreign workers

Monster is the second most popular website in the world for job search, but its problem is the same as the previous one. Current jobs are primarily for Canadians

So you should type this phrase into the site's search engine - type "LMIA - your business" at your workplace. I mean, write your exact profession, and in English, for example, it would be an electrician like LMIA ELECTRICIAN,

Thus, until the results show the electrical work done by each person qualified to bring in foreign workers. Also type this phrase into the search engine "foreign worker". Also, this phrase is very important for a job search in Canada.

JOB BANK for Canadian Immigration is an important resource for looking for a work contract in Canada as a foreigner.

These are links to job search for Canada in Canadian provinces, all government websites and LMIA contract eligible jobs:

  1. Alberta Immigration Job Search
  2. Employment Manitoba
  3. Working in Ontario
  4. Emploi Québec

CareerJet provides an easy way to search for work for immigrants, both inside and outside Canada, but as we mentioned above, the secret to searching for work is to use the same keywords we mentioned before

This site is considered one of the most important sources of job search for foreign workers, not only in Canada, but also in Europe and various countries. The easy way to search is as follows:

1. We write our work or one of the keywords I mentioned above

2. Choose the country of Canada and click Search

3. When the search results appear, we click on the job that matches our experience and educational level and create a copy of the full job title and then paste it into Google. The result that appears first is the company’s official website, and from there you can submit the application.

Through this site, all new immigrants in Canada or students in Canada get the opportunity to connect with Canadian companies through the ISSofBC website.

If the candidate has the necessary qualifications, it is very possible to obtain a direct employment contract in order to convert his temporary residence to permanent residence in Canada. (If you are outside Canada, you do not need to enter this site)

Work BC is one of the largest websites that connect foreigners with Canadian businesses in the province of British Columbia for a contract in Canada.

Work BC provides support for all foreign workers and guidance to apply for immigration to British Columbia.

The FIN Program website provides training opportunities for new immigrants in Canada to develop work experience in Canada. This program is for those who are currently immigrant in Canada or as a student, but without a job (If you are outside Canada, you do not need to enter this site)

It connects job seekers in Canada, especially recent college graduates, with Canadian companies for opportunities to get paid internships in Canada, so I consider this site an important resource for those without professional experience. 


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