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Immigration to Canada for married couples and ways to obtain them for the year 2023

 Immigration to Canada for married couples and ways to get them

Immigration to Canada for married couples is one of the ways to immigrate to Canada,Where any couple, or those who want to get married, can fulfill their dream of residing in a developed and stable country like Canada.

We will find out all the information related to the issue of immigration to Canada and the procedures required in this case.

Immigration to Canada for married couples

It is known that a person wishing to immigrate to Canada, whether he is married and has a family or not, can submit an application for immigration.

It is then approved or rejected by the Canadian government based on whether it meets the required conditions.

In the case of spouse immigration, the emigration of same-sex spouses and common-law contributors is taken into account.

The method of marital sponsorship is one of the fastest and best ways to communicate with the partner and join his family.

Conditions for married couples to immigrate to Canada

There are several requirements set by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for people who have applied for immigration as a married couple, which we will mention in turn:

  1. The applicant must be over 18 years old.
  2. The applicant must also be familiar with the primary language of Canada, which is one of the two languages, English or French, with the ability to speak it easily according to the Canadian Standard (CLB).
  3. The applicant must also have a clean record of crimes or sentences, as well as a document showing good behavior from their country of origin.
  4. It also asks to ensure that the person applying and his partner or his entire family are free from any contagious disease.
  5. In addition, the person must have the admission set by the Canadian state in relation to education, where a post-secondary degree is required.
  6. Finally, a married person must have enough money to support their partner and family in Canada.

File and documents required for both spouses

Canada requires one or both spouses to submit a set of documents that document their personal information, namely:

  • A certified marriage contract that proves the relationship of the spouses to each other.
  • Valid passports.
  • Birth certificates and professional work experiences.
  • Personal photos and all evidence of the person's eligibility to immigrate to Canada with his spouse.

How to apply

  • After familiarity with all the conditions required for the migration of spouses, the application procedures begin, which are as follows:
  • One of the spouses asked to take care of his wife/husband.
  • Application for obtaining permanent residence for the partner.
  • Next, you should see the instructions laid out by the Canadian government website regarding the application process for immigration.
  • Also, the required forms must be completed by the applicant's spouse.
  • In addition, the spouse must pay the fees due on the online application, which includes the following:

  1. Permanent residence fee.
  2. Also biometrics fees.
  3. In addition to the assistance fee that belongs to all persons included in the immigration application.
  • After paying the fees and completing the required paperwork, the husband/wife's application is sent to the Canadian immigration website.
  • For more information, you can visit the site via the link.

Possible immigration programs for married couples

Canada offers several immigration programs to it, which provide a person who wants to apply for immigration as a husband/wife with multiple and varied options.

The married must also choose the appropriate program for his condition and his personal situation.

The sponsoring spouse also needs to obtain permanent residence in Canada through one of the many immigration programs, which we will mention below:

  • Quebec Employment Program requires specific conditions set by this province to accept the applicant's application.
  • There is also Express Entry to Canada, which is based on compiling 76 points from a list drawn up by the Canadian government on which to accept immigration applications.
  • There is also the Family Sponsorship Program, which includes the possibility of family reunification for spouses and first-degree relatives.
  • The work and investment program in which the husband must provide proof that he has sufficient funds to remain and reside in Canada and with his family.

After the spouses get acquainted with the different immigration programs, they are now able to choose the one that best suits their situation.
Then, one or both spouses must collect the required documents and submit them to the Canadian embassy in their country or online at the Canadian immigration website.
The husband or wife can first immigrate to Canada, then carry out the procedures for partner reunification, and can be approved if he meets the required conditions.

Finally, Canada will remain a demand for many people, whether alone or with their families, who come to it with the aim of settling on its lands and enjoying its various privileges and wonderful opportunities to secure a decent life.


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