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Germany job search visa 2023

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  • Germany job search visa

What is meant by a visa or a visa to search for work in Germany?

A job seekers visa is a license that allows its holder to travel to Germany and stay there for up to 6 months to look for work.
Therefore, a person must find a job during this period, otherwise he will be forced to return to his country without longing.
If a person manages to find an employment contract within the permitted period, they can obtain a work permit.
This work permit allows him to work, live and reside in Germany.
This means that once you find a suitable job, you can immediately apply for an EU Blue Card or residence permit in Germany - without having to leave the country.
What is the difference between a work visa in Germany and a visa to search for work in Germany?
We must differentiate between a work visa in Germany and a visa to look for work in Germany.
Since he is an employer, the visa has previously found work in Germany, and for this reason, he applies for a visa.
As for the job search visa, it is granted to job seekers, in order to search for an opportunity for them in the labor market in Germany.
In the event that the person does not find work during the period granted to him in the visa, he must return to his country.

  • Conditions for obtaining a job search visa in Germany

germany job seeker visa cost germany job search visa from india work in germany for foreigners germany job seeker visa health insurance germany jobseeker visa new rules 2021 working in germany as a foreigner make it in germany job portal

In order for anyone to obtain a visa for a job seeker in Germany, they must meet some conditions:

  • be a holder of a master’s or bachelor’s degree from a German university or equivalent in the universities of his country.
  • He must have at least 5 years of professional experience in his field of study.
  • He has enough funds to stay in Germany for 6 months because he will be prevented from working during this period until he gets a work permit.
  • It is not necessary to master the German language, but it is recommended that one has at least a degree in English.

  • Documents required for obtaining a work search visa in Germany for the year 2022

  1. The passport is valid for at least 12 months after the application is submitted.
  2. Two recent personal photos.
  3. A copy of all pages of your passport (with previous visas submitted if applicable).
  4. Application for a long-term visa.
  5. A CV of the applicant consisting of his career path, certificates obtained.
  6. An address in Germany to indicate where you live, is it a hotel, a house or a letter of invitation.
  7. Motivational letter explaining the job you are looking for, your motivations for choosing it and alternative career plans.
  8. Proof of financial ability and you must have a bank account of €4,500 or more.
  9. Health insurance covering the duration of your stay in Germany.
  10. Job search form in Germany.
  11. After collecting the necessary documents, the last step is to fill out an application form from the German embassy office for a job seeker visa.

  • Conditions that must be met to obtain an immigrant visa to Germany to work

Germany job search visa 2022

  1. An immigrant visa to Germany for work can be considered one of the easiest and best ways to travel to Germany because its conditions are simple and easy and does not adhere to the age factor or the need to obtain a specific academic qualification .
  2. A person who wants to immigrate to Germany must have a good command of the German language.
  3. Professional experience in one of the occupations that may be required by the German labor market.
  4. Submit your CV bearing in mind that it must be in German.
  5. A passport valid for at least one full year.
  6. Provide proof of professional experience in one of the professions.
  7. Bring proof that the applicant has a current bank account and has an amount of at least €4,000 in this particular bank account, in order to ensure that he can take responsibility for himself during the period in which he is looking for a suitable job opportunity.
  8. In the absence of this amount and in the case of a relative or friend in Germany, a personal acknowledgment can be brought from this person that he may bear all costs and expenses during the period of stay.
  9. Bring proof that the applicant has insurance from an insurance company .
  10. Bring a letter explaining the reasons that led to emigration to Germany and what the person can do when traveling, bearing in mind that he writes in German.

  • Steps to apply for immigration to Germany to work

  1. In order to immigrate to Germany for work, you must enter the official website of the German Embassy website.
  2. Then enter all the required data and special information into the German visa form, bearing in mind that all data must be written in German.
  3. Pay all required financial fees.
  4. Determine the date of the interview based on the dates available on the embassy's website.
  5. A letter will be sent by the German Embassy to the applicant's personal email.

  • Documents required to obtain an application to immigrate to Germany to work

  1. Health insurance certificate from the insurance company.
  2. Bank account statement with a statement of the latest banking transactions within 6 months.
  3. Bring proof of his monthly salary.
  4. A valid passport.
  5. Two recent personal photos of a white newborn and attach them to the application.
  6. Bring a note containing the reason for immigrating to Germany.
  7. Bring a university degree or professional qualification certificate.
  8. Learning the German language is a prerequisite, without which a suitable job opportunity cannot be obtained, regardless of professional qualifications.

  • Available job opportunities in Germany

The German government seeks to acquire skilled workers and professionals. If you have good professional experience, the chance of getting a job in Germany increases. Among the areas in which there are vacancies in German society are the following:

  1. field of health and care.
  2. Software field.
  3. car engineering.
  4. train drivers.
  5. Equipment construction.
  6. field of electronics.
  7. Information Technology.
  8. field of modern technologies.
  9. construction of buildings.
  10. Rehabilitation technology.
  11. manufacturing technology.
  12. metal technology.
  13. Refrigeration and air conditioning.

There are a number of factors that increase your chances of getting the right job, such as work experience, German language proficiency, and a qualification in the same field you are applying for.


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