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In this article we will talk about the procedures after winning the American lottery 2022/2023, and we will rely on the experiences of American lottery winners over the past years who have previously undergone these procedures.

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  • Actions after winning the US lottery 2022/2023

Fill out the form ds 260

After you take a look at the results of the American lottery 2023 and find yourself among the winners.

As an initial step, you will have to fill out a DS form 260.

Mais le formulaire nécessite que vous ayez un passeport, et celui-ci doit être valide au moins un an.

It should be noted that the passport has become necessary in the American lottery in all its stages, from the stage of registration for the first time to the stage of filling out the form and the accompanying procedure after winning the lottery.

In general to complete a DS 260 form, you can access the link here.

When you enter this link, you will have to select DS-260, Immigrant Visa Online and Alien Registration Application.

Then you can start filling out the form and be careful not to make mistakes or provide false information.

Because lying may expose your file to rejection, so you must disclose everything you have as it is.

Because this form requires the person to disclose his personal information without adding or subtracting.

The first thing that a person is asked while entering to fill out the form is the case number or the winner number.

Generally, after entering the winner number, the person will have to enter some information such as:

Passport information for you and your spouse if you are married.

Your birth certificate and the birth certificate of your family members.

Your full address.

In general, after filling out the form ds 260 print out the confirmation sheet which will be the last stage in the process of filling out the form.

  • What is the DV lottery case number?

Case number means in Arabic (case number or file number), which is the number you get when you are told that you won the American lottery, and it is as follows: 2022AF00004567

The numbers in the case number mean:

2022 is the year of the American lottery.

AF stands for African Continent and if Asia is referred to as AS etc.

00004567 is the serial number of the lottery winner (the number we set is a random number).

The case number or winner number can be said to be the dividing line, or if you will, the biggest criterion in the winner's immigration to America.

Because it is of great importance as the number of winners should not exceed 50,000.

Otherwise, he will have little chance of going and obtaining a visa to the United States.

So after we know the key number a person should put in the form in order to start providing their information.

After the winner fills out the form, the visa flyer awaits an important stage in the procedure after winning the 2022 US lottery.

  • Visa 2022 bulletins and the next stages

After filling out form ds 260 and sending it to KCC - Kentucky Consular Centre.

An important stage comes which is the stage of waiting for the visa bulletin, that is, the stage in which the winner number or the key number is listed in the bulletin.

So what are the stages that the winner must do after registering his number in one of the bulletins?

a. What is the Bulletin of Bulletin Visa?

Visa BULLETIN is a monthly publication issued by the US Department of State, which announces monthly a certain number of winning numbers.

These are the people who will pass the interview at the US Embassy or Consulate.

Selection according to the geographical area of ​​the winner, whether from Africa, Asia, Europe, America or Australia.

Each continent has its own BULLETIN visa in order to start the interview process.

For example, I am a winner of the American lottery, and after looking at the winning letter, I found that my case number is 15,000. Say how do I know when the interview is?

This will be specified in the visa leaflet. We will explain more with another example:

The number 8000 was listed in the first month of bulletins. It is the first number, which means it is the first BULLETIN VISA. As I mentioned earlier, my number is 15,000.

I mean, I have to wait for the next posts to have my number included in them when it's equal to or greater than 15,000.

I mean, it's my turn to prepare for the interview, and if it's not included, we'll just have to wait for the other posts until it's time.

B- The next stage for digital inclusion in the visa bulletin:

After your number is included in the visa flyers, you just have to wait for an email that you have registered at ds 260.

The incoming email tells you that you should go to the page where you found yourself as a winner of the American lottery.

You will find that your winning letter has been converted into another letter telling you when you will be interviewed at the US Embassy or Consulate in your country.

  • Then there are a number of stages that the candidate must go through, which are as follows:

1-Document collection:

It is an important stage and you will find it easy and difficult at the same time.

You will collect the documents required in your country and also translate them with a sworn translator at the US Consulate or Embassy in your country.

2- Make an appointment with the doctor:

After the documents have been translated, the stage of making an appointment with a sworn doctor is also at the US Embassy or Consulate for the US Visa Lottery Medical Examination.

It should be noted that this file must be kept carefully and focused in a safe place so as not to be damaged because it is important on the day of the interview.

3- Conducting the interview:

The interview is one of the easiest procedures after winning the American lottery. Contrary to what some claim.

Where you will be asked some questions about your personality and the person who will host you in the USA.

All you have to do is tell the truth, so if your papers are in order, the immigration officer will tell you that everything is fine and your visa is accepted.

4- registration in the aramex office

After you leave the US Consulate, the immigration officer tells you that you must register with the Aramex office.

It is an office where the passport is placed after the visa stamp.

All the American lottery winner has to do after being told that his passport is ready is to go to this office and collect his passport from it.


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