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Immigration procedures in New Brunswick Canada for Francophones

Procédures d'immigration dans la province du Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada à travers l'initiative stratégique

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The New Brunswick Strategic Initiative component is aimed at Francophone workers with the skills, education and professional experience necessary to contribute to the province's economy, and who are ready to live and work there permanently. . This guide provides complete and comprehensive information on the program's eligibility requirements and conditions.

1. Eligibility requirements:

Condition 1: Intention to reside in New Brunswick

To establish intent, they ask you for a settlement plan to demonstrate your connection and knowledge of New Brunswick.

Condition 2: An eligible link with New Brunswick

For your file to be studied under the New Brunswick Strategic Initiative component, you must have one of the following 3 eligible links:

A. an exploratory visit: if you wish to make an exploratory visit, first you must take a tourist visa then it is very important that you communicate to

✒ your dates of visit (arrival and departure) and also provide a color copy of your passport photo page or photo ID, at least 30 days prior to your trip to New Brunswick#. Otherwise your report and establishment plan will be refused.

✒The exploratory visit must have a minimum duration of (5) working days. Statutory holidays (including weekends) as well as the day of arrival and departure will not be counted in this period.

✒The purpose of these tours is to allow you to do extensive research regarding employment and life in New Brunswick.

Before and during your exploratory journey, you should conduct exhaustive research. Here are some meeting suggestions to plan:

  1.     potential employers or companies to be taken over.
  2.     settlement centers for newcomers.
  3.     regional economic development officers.
  4.     financial institutions .
  5.     real estate agents (commercial or residential).
  6.     school district representatives.
  7.     regulatory bodies for regulated professions.

✒A list of housing assistance organizations to contact can be found at this link:

✒At the end of your exploratory visit, you must attach an exploratory visit report to your request. The report should contain the following details:

length of stay in New Brunswick, including time spent in other provinces or territories of Canada;

copies of all airline tickets, boarding passes and hotel receipts during your stay in Canada. Make sure to delete all information relating to your credit card before submitting the document;

minutes of meetings held in New Brunswick, including names, contact details and business cards of those who attended; the date, time and location of meetings and the report of meetings with your establishment in New Brunswick.

B. genuine employment or offer of employment with an employer in New Brunswick;

✒You live in New Brunswick and have continuous employment or have an offer of continuous, paid, full-time employment with a New Brunswick business in the same occupation as the one you indicated in your qualifying professional experience

C. direct selection by the Province of New Brunswick .

✒You have received a letter of interest from the Province of New Brunswick proposing that you submit your application through the Strategic Initiative stream.

Condition 3 : You have enough money to support yourself and your family (even if they are not coming with you to Canada). The amount of money you need to support your family depends on the size of your family. These amounts are updated every year. Make sure to check the up-to-date amount at the following address:/

Since September 14, 2019, only the electronic version, from applications to different programs, has been accepted via the INB portal here is the link to create an account and submit a declaration of interest :

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements, you will be assessed based on the following selection factors: age, language, education, work experience, arranged employment offer and adaptability. These selection factors are categorized using a point system. You must score at least 65 out of 100 points to be successful.

2.Profile evaluation criteria:

1. age (maximum of 12 points) You must be between 19 and 55 years old.

2. Official languages (maximum of 28 points) TEF Canada or TCF Canada both are accepted.

3. Études (maximum de 25 points) Vous devez avoir, au moins, un diplôme d’études secondaires étranger équivalent à un diplôme canadien. Vous devez faire l'équivalent de diplôme avec l'organisme WES.

4. Professional experience (maximum of 15 points) must have accumulated professional experience (full-time, minimum 30 hours per week) of at least 2 years, during the last 5 years.

5. Adaptability (maximum 20 points) the EV gives 15 points.

6. Establishment plant All applications must include a settlement plan, which meets one of the eligibility criteria. Through this document, they will assess your potential for economic and social integration. Your plan must reflect the seriousness of your desire to settle in and in New Brunswick.

Submitting a Federal Application to IRCC

 If PETL grants you a designation, you will need to submit your permanent residence visa application directly to IRCC by the expiration date shown on your designation certificate.

Décision d’IRCC (Fédérale)

 If IRCC approves your PR application, you will receive a permanent resident visa that will allow you to become a permanent resident of Canada. If you receive a permanent resident visa from Canada, you must notify PETL of your right of establishment within 30 days of your arrival in Canada.

 I hope this guide will help you better understand the immigration process to New Brunswick in its current form.


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