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Afghan Asylum Program with Canadian Government Assistance

 How to apply for the asylum program

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You can be resettled in Canada under the asylum program with government assistance. This means that you have been referred to Canada for resettlement by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ("UNHCR" Agency Refugee Nations United) or another referral organization.

 If your application is accepted, the Government of Canada or the Government of the Province of Quebec will provide you with financial assistance for the first year of your stay in Canada. These organizations are called "organizations provided by organizations concerned with the affairs of newcomers to Canada that will also receive government-funded support for the provision of services". These organizations work to help you settle and adjust to life in Canada.

Asylum application procedure:

✒Before coming to Canada, you and your family members must undergo a medical examination.

✒Before coming to Canada, you and your family members must undergo a medical examination.

✒You should too. That these checks are carried out to ensure that you have not committed serious crimes in the past and that you are subject to security and criminal checks, And you are not a threat to Canadian security.

✒Canadian officials will consider your application to see if you have passed the medical, security, and criminal examinations. And you won't need to.

✒If you do not pass the medical, security, and criminal examinations, you may not be selected for resettlement to Canada.

✒If you pass the medical, security, and criminal examinations, Canada will seek assistance from the International Organization for Migration or another organization to help you prepare for travel to Canada.

✒You will be invited to a free orientation session prior to departure(It is fully funded by the Government of Canada and brought to you by the International Organization for Migration. In this course, you will learn about Canada, as well as the services available to help you adjust to life after you arrive in Canada).

Travel to Canada:


✒Once you pass all the tests and have all of your documents ready, your travel to Canada will be arranged.

 ✒You may need to pay an exit visa fee to the government of the country in which you live before you travel. Although you are required to pay this fee yourself, IOM will help you with this process. If you do not have a passport or other valid travel document, the Canadian government will give you one that will allow you to travel to Canada.

✒ The Canadian government gives you a loan to cover the costs of your travel to Canada. This amount of money is a loan, and this means that you must repay the full amount to the Canadian government within 3 to 8 years, depending on the value of the loan. You must start repaying this loan within one year of your arrival in Canada.

✒You will be assisted with going to the airport, as well as dealing with immigration officials upon your departure.

Procedures for arriving in Canada:


✒When you first arrive in Canada, staff from the organizations that provide the service, including an interpreter if needed, will meet you when you get off the plane and help you through the immigration procedure.

✒If you have already arrived at the final destination, they will take you to meet with the staff of the local service organization who are waiting for you at the airport.

✒These employees will provide a place to live, such as an apartment, house, or hotel.

✒Staff from your local service delivery organization will help you:


 ✔  Apply for health care coverage from the county.

   ✔  Finding a family doctor and a dentist.

   ✔ Provide information about the school system, and help you enroll your children in school.

   ✔  assisting you in filling out applications and other forms, And finding translators and interpreters.

  ✔  Helping you meet people who have the same personal interests as you.

   ✔ Use of banking services, transportation, etc.

   ✔ Knowing your needs and referring you and your family to specialized services in the community.

   ✔ Improving your language skills, preparing you for employment, and finding work for yourself.


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