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What are the required documents 2021

 Fill out the visa application form according to the situation (alone or with family, immigration, work, study, visit or tourism), where all the information provided must be confirmed with official documents, and the file is as follows:

Certificate of initial registration (acceptance letter) from a Canadian university, institute or educational center.

Financial statement: you should attach a bank statement or a sponsoring letter from your company or any sponsor. submit any documents that can prove your financial ability, a support letter from an institution, or company.

A good conduct certificate from the country from which you submit your application, whether you are a citizen or resident, and you will be automatically rejected if you have a criminal record (murder, theft, terrorism ... etc) a.

A health certificate stating that you are free from chronic diseases, and the embassy often determines a list of health centers accredited to it.

Documents proving university or institute housing reservations or rental housing in the study province, and the best thing for you is to present a letter of accommodation from a Canadian resident that guarantees that he will host you during the study period.

  A letter (in French or English) from the current employer addressed to the Canadian Embassy (for employees) indicating the profession, salary and period of work + experience certificates + a copy of the work contract (translated).

A copy of the passport that is valid for at least 6 months + a photo of 2 + a copy of the ID or residency card.


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