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university life in canada...


Canadian universities offer educational programs that are the best in the world, and with the availability of means, your educational attainment will be affected positively.

You can live in a university residence, or rent a room or shared housing with a group (and this is better) when you can cook halal food and adhere to your religion without embarrassment.

Make sure to choose a residence close to metro stations and shopping centers, the country is very wide, and you only hear a distance of 500 miles or more .... Save your effort, costs and time by choosing the right place.

You will feel unusually safe, you can camp in the woods and nothing will harm you unless a bear attacks you and ruins the session ....

Wildlife in Canada is a feature of the country, and if you are a fan of hunting and taking pictures then you are in the right place.

Do not be surprised if you see a person worshiping an animal, or you see homosexuals in the street, or you hear a person publicly deny the existence of God, or you hear an opponent publicly cursing his king or his boss, or you see a miracle ... This is Canada, so do not bother yourself with what does not help you ....

Canada is one of the countries with the lowest rates of racism, so it is rare to hear about cases of racism or racial bullying, as society is a mixture of immigrants from all parts of the world.

Whatever your religion, there is a temple for you, do not worry, even if you are an atheist, there is the community of atheists, if you believe in the Flat Earth, there is the Flat Earth Society ... Do not worry about this aspect, everyone is free in his belief.

Do not be generous and keep your money and help with sums that you do not regret later, because in distress you will only find your family in your country of origin and you will drown them in debt, so in Canada if an amount goes out of your pocket, do not expect it to return.


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