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    In our childhood we used to watch the cartoon # Sally (Sara Cryo 1885), a girl from an Indian    father and a French mother, her father was a rich man who owned diamond mines in India and her parents died when she was young and inherited a great fortune, then her life was turned upside down after the lawyer deceived her and took possession. To its possessions ... to begin with the story. 

  That story madeus love the alleys of London without even realizing it.                                             

Today, you may visit those alleys and live the imagination of childhood, and study hard to become an outstanding and successful student in your life, do not despair, with every dream of success on the horizon.

There are files whose owners of businessmen have listed bank accounts with huge balances and their files have been rejected, while the requests of simple ordinary people with small balances not exceeding 3000 pounds have been accepted. The lesson is not in the size of the bank balance, but in private keys, which we will mention to you in detail.


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