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Important tips for studying in Canada 2021


Choose your major carefully before traveling, do not hurry and choose a major that matches your intellectual inclinations, do not make your concern a certificate that enables you to get a job only, so let your concern be the formation of a strong personality that will benefit your motherland.

Make sure of your financial ability before traveling, and do not put yourself in embarrassing situations after traveling or after obtaining a visa.

Do not sink yourself into debt before traveling and destroy your morale before traveling. Your concern will be to pay debts before studying.

We all dream of immigrating to Canada and the easiest way is through studying, so if you have the opportunity to study, do not waste it, and be sure to borrow money from parties and relatives that do not burden you with demanding debts, there are many experiences of students who destroyed the lives of their families by their failure ...

The shock of civilization does not take you, you often emerge from a conservative environment into an environment in which everything is permissible. There is no concept of permissibility and forbidden and there are no limits to human freedom. Perversion is a legal thing, and what you see as immorality is considered a right in Canada.

Beware of being chased after pleasures and desires, you will waste your life and money, spoil your resume and waste a lot on you, avoid problems, so you need a problem-free resume when you apply for permanent residency, a minor violation that may lose your dream ..


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