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Canada ... What to do 2022/2021...(French translator)

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Our rule: "Tell them what they should hear, not what they like to hear", we will not promise you we will solve your problems, but for each problem, there is a solution, so don't worry.

   My dear brother, my dear sister .... language, then language, then language, even if you obtain a visa and enter Canada, you will tire a lot if you are not fluent in the language of the province to which you traveled, whether it is French or English.

Translate all the documents that you have with you into the language of the province you want to travel to, do not wait until you are asked to do so,Equalize the certificates, you will definitely need them, do not waste your time, contact us if you do not know how to do so Prepare your passport, and make sure that it is new during your start of the journey of preparing the file, whether for study or immigration.

Do not expect paradise there in Canada, for your success is you who make it, and do not wait for help from anyone, if you want services, you have to pay, and do not give your money to a party that you do not know, because we have been defrauded a lot, we do not advise you with a tourist visa, and you get tired a lot.

We seek to give you all the information you are looking for, we have preceded you in the dream of immigration and we know what you are looking for and what you want, you will not find a free site, and there is no such thing as free immigration, there are stages that you must go through, but there are those who facilitate these stages for you and take his fees.

Do not trust anyone, and if he pays money, do not wait for it to return, deal with respectable sites and have a good reputation, and we advise you to strive to fulfill the conditions yourself and do not wait for a favor from anyone, immigrants have their lives and their preoccupations and you will become like them one day, do not hurry .


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